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Ada Deer: Advocate for Tribal Sovereignty

Title page of Friedrich Majer's Geschichte der Ordalien (Jena 1785)

Collection Highlights: Supernatural Ordeals and the Law of the Jungle in the Works of Friedrich Majer

NAGPRA: An Attempt to Correct the Past

A black and white etching of men in traditional pilgrim garb sitting at a table, where women stand before them. It appears to be a courtroom setting where the women are being tried as witches.

More Than Three Centuries Later, Connecticut General Assembly Absolves Accused Witches

A black and white photo with Lady Nancy Astor in the center surrounded by Senators in Washington D.C., who received her with a warm welcome. at the Capitol.

100 Year Anniversary of Restrictions on Alcohol in England and Wales for Those Under 18

Print shows three types of mice and a brown rat, all full-length, profile views; also shows, on upper left, a "skull of Meadow mouse" and on upper right a "skull of Brown rat".

The New York City Rat’s Legal History

THe image is a picture of the title page of the Legal Report from the Law Library of Congress titled, "School Bus Safety Requirements."

New Law Report Examines School Bus Safety Rules

A color photograph of a colorful garden shaded by a tree to the left, under a clear blue sky. The Washington Monument is visible to the right, in the background. Through the tree in the upper left, you can see the rays of sun coming through. In the foreground is a sidewalk that loops around the garden.

Commemorating German-American Friendship Day – Pic of the Week

This image features a man walking outside with snow covering the ground. He is wearing a top hat, top coat and gloves, holding a cane in one hand. December is written down the side of the image.

Upcoming US Law Webinars – December 2023