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Congress.gov November 2022 New, Tip, and Top

As we continue to add historical data to Congress.gov, we updated the Dates of Past Sessions page back to the first session of the first Congress for both the House and Senate on March 4, 1789. There are links from the Congresses for which we have Browse pages. We also added three new Congresses to […]

Congress.gov August 2022 New, Tip, and Top

In July, Andrew and Robert wrote respectively about feedback driven improvements and a new feature which allows users to download audio files for any section of the Congressional Record Daily Edition. This month, users will be able to find a prepopulated list of reports required by Congress under the Committees’ section of the Congress.gov Browse […]

Congress.gov July 2022 New, Tip, and Top – Part II

In early July, Andrew wrote about feedback driven improvements that have been added to Congress.gov, such as adding the ability to browse committee hearing transcripts. In this release, the Congress.gov team continues the work of improving the accessibility of Congress.gov. Now, when you access a Congressional Record Daily Edition article, you can click “listen to […]

Congress.gov May New, Tip, and Top – Part II

Earlier this month, Margaret highlighted an enhancement to Member pages on Congress.gov – users can directly access their member’s contact information in Congress.gov simply by clicking on the Contact link on a member’s page. We have a variety of further new enhancements for you this month. Congress.gov allows you to download your search results when […]

Congress.gov April 2022 New, Tip, and Top

Last month Margaret shared our enhancements and also provided some insights from a few Congress.gov staff on what they do for the website. This month we continue to make it easier for you to track what your members are sponsoring and cosponsoring on Congress.gov. When you put in your address to search for your members, […]

Browse Committee Prints: Congress.gov February 2022 New, Tip, and Top

Last month, Robert shared that Congress.gov now has committee hearing transcripts going back to the 103rd Congress (1993-1994). We previously added Committee Prints to the website. With today’s release, you can now browse the House prints, Senate prints and Joint committee prints. They are listed by the print number, title, committee, and any legislation that […]

Congress.gov January 2022 New, Tip, and Top

In November 2021, Andrew brought us news of appropriation email alerts, allowing you to receive an email each time new appropriation measures are considered by Congress. In December 2021, Margaret mentioned that the Congress.gov team added content for the Bound Congressional Record dating all the way back to 1899. Since so much important work in […]