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Upcoming US Law Webinars – May 2021

Next month, the Law Library of Congress Legal Research Institute will host U.S. law webinars on researching federal statutes, navigating Congress.gov, and utilizing the Law Library’s collections, including collections that can be accessed online. Information about the contents of each class can be found below. Congress.gov webinar Date: Thursday, May 6, 2:00 – 3:00 PM […]

Facebook’s New “Supreme Court” – The Oversight Board and International Human Rights Law

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Boomer, an international law consultant in the Global Legal Research Directorate. Elizabeth has previously written for In Custodia Legis on Technology & the Law of Corporate Responsibility – The Impact of Blockchain, 30th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and United Nations […]

From the Serial Set: The History of the Minimum Wage

The following is a guest post by Elina Lee, a library technician (metadata) in the Digital Resources Division of the Law Library of Congress. In honor of Labor Day, we decided to explore the early history of the federal minimum wage as shown through the United States Congressional Serial Set. According to Serial Set Vol. No. 6857 […]

Einstein’s Fateful Letter

Between July 18 and August 15, 1939, one of the most consequential letters in modern history was drafted by Albert Einstein and the Hungarian-born physicist Leo Szilard. The letter, which was eventually delivered to President Franklin Roosevelt,led to the Manhattan Project and the development of the first two atomic weapons. Szilard and two other Hungarian-born physicists, […]