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AUTHOR: Hanibal Goitom

Hanibal Goitom joined the Law Library of Congress in September 2007 as a Foreign Law Specialist. He conducts research on 19 African jurisdictions. Prior to joining the Law Library of Congress he worked as staff attorney at the Office of Legal Advisor to the Office of President of the State of Eritrea and as General Counsel to the University of Asmara, Eritrea. Hanibal holds an LL.B from the University of Asmara and an LL.M in International Legal Studies from New York University School of Law. While he doesn't think he's very interesting, his friends at the Law Library would disagree. They always ask him questions about growing up in Africa and how different it is in Eritrea compared to the U.S. We suspect that others outside the Law Library will find what he has to say interesting as well. He likes to expand his knowledge of the U.S. by watching shows like The Wire and the John Adams miniseries, and is trying to cure his Frappuccino addiction.

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