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An Interview with Sophia Schick, Foreign Law Intern

This week’s interview is with Sophia Schick.  Sophia is spending time working for the Law Library this summer as an intern in the Global Legal Research Center. In addition to the valuable contribution she is making, Sophia brings tremendous enthusiasm to her work. Describe your background.  I grew up in Meersburg, a small town of five  thousand inhabitants, […]

An Interview with Joanne Hsu, Summer Intern

Describe your background. I grew up in Taipei City, Taiwan, with a younger brother and a younger sister. Taipei is a busy city that never sleeps. There are always lots of events going on. My parents own a small international trading company. Business was more straightforward back when my parents established their company; your store […]

An Interview with Samuel Urueta, Intern in the Office of the Law Librarian

As it is summer, it is official summer intern season. Because there are so many post-secondary education institutions in Washington, D.C.  and the greater Washington Metropolitan Area, the Law Library is fortunate to be able to draw from a vast  pool of talented people—from all around the globe—looking to gain professional experience and exposure to the […]

An Interview with Patrick Ouellette, Information Technology Specialist

This week’s interview is with Patrick who works as an Information Technology Specialist in the Law Library’s Information Technology Office (ITO). Describe your background. I am a Midwesterner and small-city person.  I was born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio.  Sandusky is a city on the shore of Lake Erie, about midway between Cleveland and Toledo.  […]

An Interview with Roberto Salazar, Senior Program Specialist for the Office of Opportunity, Inclusiveness & Compliance at the Library of Congress

In our day-to-day operations, as part of the greater Library of Congress (LC), the personnel of the Law Library have the opportunity and necessity to exchange and gain guidance, expertise, and insight from other personnel of the LC.  The Office of Opportunity, Inclusiveness and Compliance (OIC), formerly the Office of Workforce Diversity (OWD), is one […]

Meet Alexander Hoffmann: A Law Library of Congress Patron

The following is a guest post by Megan Lulofs Kuhagen, a Legal Information Analyst in the Public Services Division.  Meg has previously posted on a variety of topics including States in the Senate, House Committee Hearings Video, the Cardiff Giant, the Canadian Library of Parliament, football blackouts, and librarian services. We have interviewed Law Library staff and our colleagues from around the Library of Congress here at In Custodia Legis. But, […]