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World Meteorological Day

Today, March 23rd, is World Meteorological Day, as dubbed by the United Nations in WMO/EC-XII/Res. 6 and celebrated around the world.

World Meteorological Organization Logo

The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization (WMO) provides the framework for international cooperation on weather issues that know no political boundaries. This year’s theme for the event is “Understanding Clouds,” and their website has many resources on how to identify different types of clouds and their importance. They also have a flickr page with some incredible photos featuring clouds.

The WMO has a mandate to focus on weather, climate, and water, which includes their focus areas of energy, environment, natural hazards and disaster risk reduction, oceans, polar and high-mountain regions, public health, and urban development – megacities. They supply policy documents and standards, technical regulations, and guides for the international community, as well as Meteoterm, a thesaurus of specialized terminology for the international meteorological community.

Additionally, the WMO offers education and training to the global community to meet education needs and professional development, especially for those members that do not have access to those services. Those education and training resources focus on meteorology, weather forecasting, and climate and climate prediction, but also agriculture, aviation, environment, hydrology, information and communication technology, and cross-cutting areas.

World Meteorological Organization Projects

Depiction of ongoing projects from the World Meteorological Organization

In the United States, several agencies from different departments contribute to our knowledge and research on weather, meteorology, and the environment:

In commemoration of World Meteorological Day, I found many Law Library of Congress resources that mention weather and meteorology, including the focus areas of the WMO:

Celebrate today by contemplating the weather and looking at the clouds!

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