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Picture of text of the Basic Law of 1949.

Anniversary of the German Basic Law – German Constitutions in the Course of Time

Posted by: Elin Hofverberg

The following is a guest post by Eva Dauke, a foreign law intern working with Foreign Law Specialist Jenny Gesley at the Global Legal Research Directorate of the Law Library of Congress. Every year, on May 23, Germany celebrates the “Day of the Basic Law.” The Basic Law is Germany’s constitution, which lays out the country’s fundamental rights, among …

FALQs: Supreme Court Justice Selection in Norway

Posted by: Elin Hofverberg

This blog post is part of our Frequently Asked Legal Questions series. On May 1, 2024, the Norwegian Supreme Court Justice Normann turned 70 years old and, as a Norwegian state employee, will be forced to retire from Norway’s highest court. Next year, another justice, Arne Ringnes, turns 70. This has created two upcoming vacancies on the …

Bite-Sized Legal Research Tutorial: Law Library of Congress Online Research Guides

Posted by: Sarah Friedman

The Law Library of Congress has created over 300 research guides to help users narrow their searches for resources on a wide variety of legal topics. The Law Library’s research guides are a useful source for beginning legal research, as they organize print and digital resources on specific research subjects in one place. The collection …