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Category: Native Americans

Marie Louise Bottineau Baldwin: Ojibwe Lawyer and Suffragist

Posted by: Jennifer Davis

This Women’s History Month, we look back to women who worked to advance women’s suffrage. One such notable figure is Marie Louise Bottineau Baldwin, who worked to advance the rights of Native peoples and women, particularly Indigenous women.   Born in 1863 in Pembina, North Dakota as a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of …

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Anniversary of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act

Posted by: Jennifer Davis

Felix Cohen noted that, “[f]rom the earliest years of the Republic the Indian tribes have been recognized as “distinct, independent political communities’” (Cohen 1941, 122). Despite the early nation-to-nation relations between tribal nations and the United States, self-determination was not codified. After termination policies of the 1950s were put in place, many tribal nations and …