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Talbot County Courthouse – Pic of the Week

I recently visited the town of Easton, Maryland, on a day trip. Here, situated on a quintessential main street, the Talbot County courthouse offers visitors a place to sit and take in the beautiful courtyard, as well as some rich history. Today, the courthouse, originally built in 1794, not only houses the chambers and courtrooms for the judge of the Circuit Court for Talbot County, but also the clerk’s offices, jurors’ assembly room, master’s office, and the offices of the Talbot County Council.

Talbot County Courthouse, Easton, Maryland. Photo by Kelly Goles.

In 1836, the site of the courthouse also housed abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Following an attempt for freedom, Douglass was jailed for one week before being released back to Baltimore. The jail was situated at the back of the courthouse. Today, a statue of Frederick Douglass sits on the courthouse lawn.

Statue of Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) outside of the Talbot County Courthouse. Photo by Kelly Goles.

The Home of George Watterston, the Third Librarian of Congress – Pic of the Week

I have walked by this building many times, but did not realize until recently that it has a special connection to the Library of Congress. This was the home of the third Librarian of Congress, George Watterston. Watterston presided over the Library during a significant period in its history. Appointed by President Madison in 1815 […]

Memorial Hall – Pic of the Week

This pic of the week features the Madison Building, which is part of the of the Washington, D.C., campus of the Library of Congress. The Jefferson Building is known for its palatial design, but the Madison Building has its charms, too. You can learn more about each of these buildings by taking an online tour. […]

The Lincoln Memorial – Pic of the Week

William Howard Taft was a man who held many titles in his life: president of the United States, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, and most significantly for this post, chairman of the Lincoln Memorial Commission. He held this post during his tenure as president, and oversaw the planning and selection […]