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Remote Library of Congress – Pic of the Week

The last few weeks have brought about a lot of changes.

I am extremely proud of the Congress.gov team. We have been working remotely for three weeks, and our team continues to work to improve the website. We had a release last week and are wrapping up development for our next one.

Margaret continues to update the Coronavirus Resource Guide with new legislation and timely items published from the Law Library of Congress.

I find myself in an unfamiliar situation of teleworking. Our blog team met remotely this week. For the Pic of the Week, we often share pictures of libraries that we have visited or glimpses of views around the Library of Congress. Of course, travel is out of the question right now. Even being at the Library is not an option for most. So instead, how about photos of where we are now?  Here are a few photos of our remote workstations.

My Desktop. Picture by Andrew Weber.


Betty’s Makeshift Standing Desk. Picture by Betty Lupinacci.


Jim’s Laptop and Piano Bench. Picture by Jim Martin.


Robert Brammer’s Desk. Picture by Robert Brammer.

Although I don’t get to see my Library of Congress co-workers in person right now, I do have some great new co-workers sharing this space.

Picture by Andrew Weber.

Braddock’s (Other) Road

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The Home of General Gates & the Plot to Remove Washington as Commander In Chief – Pic of the Week

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Indiana State Library – Pic of the Week

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Erskine May – Pic of the Week

Last month I listened to oral arguments of two cases being appealed before the U.K.’s Supreme Court.  The cases, one an appeal from England and Wales and the other an appeal from Scotland,dealt with the U.K. prime minister’s August 2019 decision regarding the prorogation of Parliament. I noticed that the lawyers presenting the cases referred on several […]