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Mutiny and Other Crimes: Another Tale from the South Seas (Part 2)

Yesterday I published a post that provided some background information on Pitcairn Island: the mutiny on board the HMS Bounty led by Fletcher Christian on April 28, 1789; the settlement of Pitcairn (and subsequent emigration to Norfolk Island); William Bligh’s long trip home to England; and the court-martials of some of the mutineers that decided […]

Happy Feet Goes Home

When I last wrote about Happy Feet (the intrepid emperor penguin who took an extended vacation in New Zealand while recovering from a very long swim and a belly full of sand and twigs), he was being pampered at the Wellington Zoo while fans from around the world watched and waited to see what would […]

The Importance of Independence Documents and Constitutions

Last week I read an interesting article on the BBC website about Fiji’s independence from the UK.  Apparently, the order that granted that status on October 10, 1970, has been lost.  Well, the original anyway.  The National Archives in Fiji was able to obtain a copy of the document from the UK National Archives having […]