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Sedition in England: The Abolition of a Law From a Bygone Era

Abolishing ancient laws in England is often no easy task.  A significant degree of research is involved before these laws are amended or abolished.  The research has to be particularly thorough to avoid one of the oldest – that of unintended consequences. The issue of thoroughly researching laws was demonstrated several years ago when the government was […]

Plain English Laws in England

Cynthia informed us about International Plan Language Day and the global movement to improve the use of plain language in government and legal writing.  Kelly continued the trend and wrote about New Zealand’s approach to using plain English in the country’s laws.  I thought I would continue the series. Despite the last, rather confusing weird […]

Hunting and Badger Culls in England

The English are, generally speaking, a fairly genteel group of people.  Hunting in England is now relatively uncommon, with fox hunting (very controversially) legislated against in 2007.  Even owning a gun is rather unusual and involves a long and highly regulated process.  I definitely noticed a huge contrast when I first moved here – during hunting season deer […]

Join Us for Human Rights Day 2022: The 1300 Magna Carta and The Charter of the Forest – Revealing the Past

Join the Law Library of Congress online on December 8, 2022 at 3p.m. EST  for our annual Human Rights Day event. Please register here. Human Rights Day was established to commemorate the adoption by the United Nations General Assembly of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948. This event will feature a […]