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January Retrospective

So how did we do in January?  Not bad based on our stats.  Our blog was viewed more this month than any other since we started back in August. There were several guest posts for In Custodia Legis this month, including two by Roberta Shaffer, the Law Librarian of Congress.  She first posted a holiday […]

Laws Regarding Our Most Popular Patron (a.k.a. The Cooper’s Hawk)

If you’ve been following the updates on the Library of Congress blog regarding the Cooper’s Hawk, you may know that she’s caused a lot of excitement around here.  Especially the news that the hawk has been rescued!  Along with the list of resources provided by the Humanities and Social Sciences Division, I’d thought I’d point […]

THOMAS is Now on Science.gov

Last week I discussed THOMAS off of THOMAS, and this week I’m happy to announce there is another location to add to the list: science.gov.  The 111th and 112th Congresses have been added to the basic search: By including THOMAS in your search, you will be guided to the “Bill Summary & Status” containing information […]

Data Privacy Day 2011

Today is Data Privacy Day – “an annual international celebration to raise awareness and generate discussion about information privacy.”  In Europe, it’s called European Privacy and Data Protection Day.  The day, whether in North America or in Europe or other parts of the world, basically involves various corporations, government officials and representatives, academics, and students […]

New and Improved Access to Australian Legislation

Last year Clare wrote about changes to the UK government’s legislation website, and we’ve written a lot about enhancements to THOMAS, so when I got an email last week about the Australian government’s legislation website being upgraded I thought it definitely warranted some attention. The ComLaw website provides open access to Commonwealth (i.e., federal) legislation.  […]


While I love it when people use THOMAS, I also like the idea of other good sources enabling the public to learn about legislation that will affect us.  THOMAS is an incredibly valuable tool, but there are areas of information that other sites use and enhance.  I’ve mentioned two examples before, where video is added […]