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Data Privacy Day 2011

Today is Data Privacy Day – “an annual international celebration to raise awareness and generate discussion about information privacy.”  In Europe, it’s called European Privacy and Data Protection Day.  The day, whether in North America or in Europe or other parts of the world, basically involves various corporations, government officials and representatives, academics, and students […]

New and Improved Access to Australian Legislation

Last year Clare wrote about changes to the UK government’s legislation website, and we’ve written a lot about enhancements to THOMAS, so when I got an email last week about the Australian government’s legislation website being upgraded I thought it definitely warranted some attention. The ComLaw website provides open access to Commonwealth (i.e., federal) legislation.  […]


While I love it when people use THOMAS, I also like the idea of other good sources enabling the public to learn about legislation that will affect us.  THOMAS is an incredibly valuable tool, but there are areas of information that other sites use and enhance.  I’ve mentioned two examples before, where video is added […]

Researching an Unfamiliar Country’s Law

The following is a guest post by Shameema Rahman, Legal Reference Specialist in our Public Services Division. Have you found yourself needing to research a jurisdiction that you know next to nothing about?  Because I studied law in Bangladesh, I will use that country as an example to provide some tips on how you could […]

Coutumes of France in the Law Library of Congress

The following is a guest post by Dr. Meredith Shedd-Driskel, Law Curator. With the rise of feudalism in medieval France, the country had evolved into two judicial territories.  The provincial parliaments in northern France, acting as sovereign judicial bodies independent of each other and claiming independence from the king, applied droit coutumier, or legal principles […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. In 1983, President Reagan signed H.R. 3706, a bill to make the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., a legal public holiday, which became Public Law No: 98-144.  The day (and federal holiday) is declared each year via Presidential Proclamation and is in honor of the birthday of […]