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Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes in Germany

The emergence of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) is a recent phenomenon. E-cigarettes are battery-operated products that typically resemble conventional cigarettes. Instead of tobacco, they contain cartridges filled with liquids that are generally composed of nicotine, flavor, and other chemicals. During consumption, the liquids are heated and thereby vaporize. Because e-cigarettes are relatively new and potential risks are still […]

What Constitutional Challenges Arise When Air Traffic Control is Privatized? A New Report Looks at the Situation in Germany

As Congress debates the reauthorization of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, which will expire in September 2015, the question of whether to privatize air traffic control (ATC) in the United States will be one of the matters discussed. The current discussion includes whether the establishment of a private non-profit ATC corporation could […]

New Law Library of Congress Report Examines Pharmaceutical Antitrust Cases

The following is a guest post by Michael Chalupovitsch, a foreign law specialist at the Law Library of Congress covering Canada and Caribbean jurisdictions. The Law Library of Congress recently published its report, Pharmaceutical Antitrust Cases, which provides a comparative analysis of antitrust and competition cases concerning the pharmaceutical industry in 12 jurisdictions. The jurisdictions covered by this report include Australia, […]

The Most Viewed Legal Research Reports and Global Legal Monitor Articles of 2022

The Law Library of Congress is unique in many ways. To accomplish our mission of providing authoritative legal research, reference, and instruction services, and access to an unrivaled collection of U.S., foreign, comparative, and international law, our staff includes foreign and U.S. trained legal specialists and law librarians from around the world who cover 300+ […]

Law Library’s New Report Reviews National Laws Regulating Net Zero Emissions

The following is a guest post by Peter Roudik, the assistant law librarian for legal research at the Law Library of Congress and the director of the Law Library’s Global Legal Research Directorate. Currently meeting in Egypt, the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27, is discussing how to address climate change and mitigate its consequences. One of […]

Newly Published Report on the Development of Laws on Abortion, Genetic Consultation, and Assisted Reproduction in Eleven Countries

The following is a guest post by Clare Feikert-Ahalt, a senior foreign law specialist at the Law Library of Congress covering the United Kingdom and several other jurisdictions. Clare has written numerous posts for In Custodia Legis, including Revealing the Presence of Ghosts; Weird Laws, or Urban Legends?; FALQs: Brexit Referendum; and  100 Years of “Poppy Day” in the United Kingdom.  The Law […]

Canada Extends Criminal Law Jurisdiction to the Moon

The following is a guest post by Michael Chalupovitsch, a foreign law specialist at the Law Library of Congress covering Canada and Caribbean jurisdictions. Canada is going to the moon, nearly 38 years after Marc Garneau became Canada’s first astronaut aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger. On June 23, 2022, the Canadian House of Commons adopted legislation […]