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Ornate red and ivory wall decoration, with plaque and symbols New, Tip, and Top – February of 2024

Join us on 2/22 for a Foreign and Comparative Law Webinar on “Fighting Terrorism through Laws: How Egyptian Courts Apply Laws on Combating Terrorism and Terrorist Financing”

Photo showing the back of four girls walking down a street in school uniforms.

Draft Guidance on Transgender Students in Schools in England Published

Ha Long Bay, sunrise

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam – Pic of the Week

Ornate red and ivory wall decoration, with plaque and symbols

2024 Supreme Court Fellows Program Annual Lecture to Feature U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan

Cartoon showing a woman revising statement on a wall; she changes "Woman's sphere is the home" to "Woman's sphere is wherever she makes good--"; she is holding a list of places, such as "The home" "The Law" "Industry", that can be used to complete the revised statement.

Arabella Mansfield, First Female Lawyer

Image of a tall black bell tower in front of a blue sky and trees with flowers around the base.

The History of the Netherlands Carillon

Celebrating 30 Years of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

Two men hold up the framed artwork of an enlarged postage stamp with the Library of Congress main reading room dome

Commemorating American History with Commemorative Postage Stamps