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Bright rows of punctuation marks in red, pink, orange and yellow decorates this year's NBF poster.

2024 National Book Festival Lineup

Look Up! It’s Blashfield’s Mural

Handwritten title page of an essay written on lined notebook paper.

Treasures Gallery: Surviving Hiroshima

A colorful section of the AIDS quilt, featuring names of the deceased

Treasures Gallery: The AIDS Quilt

Comic book cover, showing Spider-Man swinging through the air, holding a criminal by the collar

Treasures Gallery: Spider-Man’s Origin Story

Walt Whitman, seated in a rocking chair, poses for a photograph. There is a table with bottles and flowers on the windowsill. Whitman has a long white beard.

Pride Month: Transcribe Walt Whitman?

It’s a Small(er) World Without the Sherman Brothers

Several small items arrayed on a gray desk, including a wallet and two pair of glasses.

Treasures Gallery: What Did Lincoln Have in His Pockets the Night of His Assassination?

Painted illustration depicts the emperor, his crown prince and the royal family celebrating a joyous, nighttime Indian festival on the banks of a river with fireworks, music and feasting.

Library Treasures: New Gallery Shows Off Premier Holdings