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Library in Georgetown Hit by Fire

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The Web site of WRC-TV in Washington is reporting that the branch of the DC Public Library in the District?s historic Georgetown neighborhood is on fire.

From the story:

Its Peabody Room contains a special collection of items pertaining to the history of Georgetown. The fire chief told Spencer that they are aware of the location of the room and will try their best to prevent fire and water damage.

ADDENDUM: Not entirely on topic, but as a longtime dweller of Capitol Hill, I?m saddened to hear that DC?s Eastern Market was also damaged by fire today.

Marc Fisher provides some context.

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  1. As Chair of the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee, I just came from a meeting with Council member Tommy Wells, Deputy Mayor Dan Tanglerhini and the vendors and market merchants and I am happy to report that the outside market will be open on Saturday and Market Day on Sunday will go on as planned. The city is committed to rebuliding . There is hope.

  2. Hi, I’m in the UK fire service and although it’s always distressing for communities that are seriously damaged by fire, it is always comforting to know that nobody was seriously hurt. Saving life is always a priority for firefighters but what isn’t always publicised is the excellent salvage work that they do to prevent further damage to historic buildings and contents as in this case.

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