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Online Celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month

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haven-to-home.jpgI’m overdue in mentioning this, as I had promised several days ago, but in addition to the other annual diversity months, the Library of Congress is joining in the official May observance of Jewish American Heritage Month.

A list of our events can be found here.

In addition — and I believe this is a first for us — we have joined with several other federal entities to create an online resource related to the celebration, which is found here. You’ll find a list of several cosponsors on the left sidebar.

Speaking of diversity months, as previously mentioned, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is also in full swing. Among our official events, in addition to a keynote by Sen. Daniel Inouye, is a lecture on Monday, May 14, by Eun Yang, anchorwoman at D.C.’s WRC-TV (the local NBC affiliate). I’m excited that our Office of Workforce Diversity has asked me to put on my emcee hat for that event!

All details for APAHM at the Library can be found here.

(Image from the Library’s online exhibit “From Haven to Home.”)

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