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Federal Bloggers, R&B Singers and the Flying Circus

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I couldn’t let the day slip by without linking to Al Kamen’s column in today’s Washington Post. It’s about the varied approaches taken among the increasingly crowded field of federal bloggers, and how sometimes good intentions go awry.

For instance, there is the blog at the Transportation Security Administration that Kamen implies is at risk of completely devolving into a moshpit of angry-traveler stories.

Then there is the EPA blogger (actually, the agency’s deputy administrator) who apparently has a tendency to make points about the environment in what might be described as the most circuitous way possible, such as one post that began with this prelude about, of all things, Amy Winehouse:

“She is an incredibly skilled person,” he wrote. “She is also incredibly self-destructive.”

But, he says, “here’s the fascinating question: would a ‘clean’ Amy Winehouse still be Amy Winehouse? What if someone had grabbed her when she was still impressionable and sent her down a different, cleaner, path? What if we had the talent without the drugs?”

“Cleaner path”? OK, so you can probably see where it’s going.

At any rate, it’s enough to make me count my blessings that this little ol’ blog hasn’t quite caught the attention of Kamen’s barbed quill. Happy weekend, everybody!

(Hat tip: Michelle)


  1. I write such mundane prose on my blog I would be surprised it would inspire anyone to write a post about it. And yet, surprisingly, they do. I don’t normally follow the links in posts but I am glad I read what Karem had to say. Funniest thing I have read today!

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