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Quiet Contemplation: Kay Ryan on Charlie Rose

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Had enough of politics yet?  (Who’s that in the back who shouted, “No”?)

If so, you might want to tune into the Charlie Rose Show tonight for “A Conversation with Kay Ryan, U.S. Poet Laureate, and Dr. James Billington, Librarian of Congress.”  (I made a brief mention of the taping a couple of weeks ago.)

The show can be seen on your local PBS station.  Times vary; check your local listings.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did — but even more, I hope inspires many more Americans into a love of poetry.

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  1. Спасибо за текст! Очень понравилось

  2. Obama, Obama, Obama … Yes I think we’ve had enough. I missed the show, but I’m sure it would have been light relief.

  3. Kay Ryan is phenomenal! We are inexpressibly lucky to get to know her work — I’m delighted to hear about the 2nd term appointment! (This is april 13, 2009)

    Kudos all around!

  4. Kay said you read a poem once to see if you read it the second time. I admire her wisdom and talent.

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