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Roll Over, Beethoven!

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There’s something very satisfying in music about the number three: three notes in a basic chord, a romantic waltz in 3/4 time, the three-movement form of early symphonies.

So it’s appropriate that the Library’s third blog (behind this one and “Inside Adams” from the Science, Technology and Business Division) would come from the Music Division.

In the Muse” (I got the pun without help from anyone) will showcase the Music Division’s diverse collections and public programs that range from Beethoven to The Beatles and beyond. A single blog post might link priceless manuscripts that can be viewed along with performance footage from our own Coolidge Auditorium, making historical documents come alive. Guest posts will come from our enthusiastic specialists on staff, as well as from the vibrant artists who grace our stage.

Did you know that we have a vast performing arts collection, numbering in the tens of millions of items?  It’s one reason we say that we’re “more than a library.”

I hope you’ll find that that In the Muse will be a lively and insightful guide into a world song and inspiration.

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