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Exhibits Inside, Exhibits Outside

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The Gateway to Knowledge truck pulled up at about 4:45 p.m. and is now preparing to park on the National Mall for the big day.  How exciting!  The cab, both dark and gleaming at the same time, the picture-perfect blue sky in the background …

As I saw the rig parked in front of the Jefferson Building, it struck me how I was looking at a building with exhibits inside for those who come to the Library, and in front of it was an exhibit that is preparing to do just the reverse: bring the Library to the people.

A couple of photos of the exterior now, and then the interior tomorrow.

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  1. Oh, I soooo want to go see this!!! Maybe I’ll head to Charleston. Or MAYBE it will stop by Pittsburgh later on????? Please?

  2. How exciting! I wish that it would drive west to San Diego. Wish I could be there for this national celebration of our nation’s attic. Good weather and safe roads to you!

  3. Does it have an I Pod or E Book section?

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