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2010 National Book Festival Sights and Sounds

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The 10th annual National Book Festival may have faded into memory, but we’re doing what we can to keep those memories alive–and to share them with people who didn’t have a chance to experience them in person.

As usual, we’re posting tons of webcasts of author presentations, which you can find here.  (A few others will be posted soon.)

And this year, in honor of our “decade of words and wonder” milestone, we have also put up a terrific 200-image slideshow, organized by Abby Brack in the Office of Communications and assisted by her battalion of volunteer photogs.  Not only are the photos better than your neighbors’ boring vacation snapshots, but instead of their lumbering slide carousel, the image viewer has variable speeds, views of multiple thumbnails at a time, and clickable captions.

See you next year!


  1. The Library of Congress should have more than Real Player and Flash Player options. These apps don’t run on iPad gadget so we can’t watch its videos nor images slideshow.

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