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Library in the News: October 2013 Edition

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The Library of Congress has made headlines in the last month with a variety of initiatives and projects, including some of its preservation efforts.

In early September, the Library ran a blog post discussing some work its Preservation Directorate was doing to conserve its pulp-fiction magazine collection.

CBS News picked up the story to run in both its morning and evening editions.

Other pop culture the Library is committed to preserving is films. Recently, the institution completed work to restore the 1911 Mary Pickford Film, titled “Their First Misunderstanding.” The film marked a turning point in the actress’s career, as it was the first time she was given credit in the advertising materials.

You can read more about it in these articles from CBS News and the Huffington Post.

Even Rachel Maddow picked up the story for a segment on her MSNBC show. In a salute to the person she calls “greatest movie star ever,” Maddow concocted the “Mary Pickford,” a frothy rum drink named after the famed actress.

Continuing to make news was the Library’s work in archiving and preserving Twitter. C-SPAN spoke with Robert Dizard, Deputy Librarian of Congress, to discuss the institution’s efforts.

“The Library of Congress is a library that acquires and preserves the creative and historical records of the United States, so when you look at a collection like Twitter, it will be valuable both in terms of seeing how society as a whole are reacting to events and life in general, but it will also be valuable in terms of individuals’ records of what they have published on Twitter,” said Dizard.

In late October, the Library announced it would be putting on display the first presumed draft of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, known as the Nicolay copy.

“The rare privilege of seeing these items brings this crucial history back to life,” wrote Marsha Dubrow of the Washington Examiner.

And, for a bit of fun, Bing, a popular Internet search website, featured a photo of the Library on its home page. Included in the interactive were several potential Library-related searches, including other images of the institution and links to Library history and news.



  1. library of congress has always be in the news because of several innovative progress achieved in information conservation and preservation which made the establishment to be outstanding. just keep the flag flying.

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