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Veterans History Project Gets New “Book”

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Hero of the new film, "Hacksaw Ridge," hear the real voice of Desmond Doss who served against all odds. Veterans History Project
Featured on VHP’s Facebook page, hero of the new film, “Hacksaw Ridge,” Desmond Doss. Veterans History Project.

Adding another “book” to its social media shelf, the Library of Congress welcomes the Veterans History Project to Facebook. There, VHP will be sharing the stories of our veterans along with other news and initiatives. Visitors are also encouraged to share their own stories and help VHP collect more.

VHP’s Facebook joins several other Facebook accounts from the Library, along with a variety of other social media like Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and iTunesU. You can stay in touch with the Library and learn new ways to use its resources through this collection of social media technologies and bulletin services.

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  1. Great, we look forward to this.

  2. I mentioned the LOC Veterans History Project in my book, Memoir Your Way, written by The Memoir Roundtable and published by Skyhorse Publishing in September. VHP’s new Facebook account will make it so much easier for vets to tell their stories. Thank you.

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