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Pic of the Week: Zimbabwe Edition

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Mokoomba performs during a Homegrown Concert Series event, April 15, 2019. Photo by Shawn Miller

Mokoomba is a six-piece, multilingual Afro-Fusion band from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. In the midst of their 2019 North American tour, they popped into the Library for a dreads-swinging lunchtime set at the Coolidge Auditorium. It was part of the American Folklife Center’s Homegrown concert series, and it was (probably) more fun than any lunch you had this week.

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  1. Wonderful photo! Will this concert be put online for those of us who are distant from DC?

    • hi katherine, checking on this for you now. sorry you couldn’t make the show!

      • Updating: Our video staff will have it up soonest, they say, but it does take some captioning for visually impaired, etc.

  2. Nice photo showing part of the group. Hopefully, you’ll consider showing the entire group and a video clip for future events. This is useful as the sponsored groups may have a unique sound worthy of note to musicologists, musicians, and the general public.

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