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Pic of the Week: Junior Fellows Edition

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Anthony Lowe of the University of Maryland, a Junior Fellow at the Center for the Book, explaining his work during this week’s display.

The Library’s 2019 Junior Fellows Summer Internship Program showed off their most significant findings and research this week in a display that is the annual highlight of the 10-week program. This year, 40 graduate and undergraduate students worked across the Library’s divisions on projects as varied as women’s suffrage, transcultural teaching guides, and inventorying films from the Walt Disney Co. Here, Anthony Lowe of Lanham, Maryland, and a student at the University of Maryland, showcases his work at the Center for the Book. The Literary Story Map project entails creating a nationwide database that records each state center’s reading initiatives, literacy programs and writing workshops. The display will include an interactive database that guests will be able to use to find which literacy programs are supported in their state.

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