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Color portrait photo of Jeffrey Yoo Warren. Photo is from chest up; he's looking to camera left, wearing glasses, a dark purple shirt and a lighter patterned purple tie.

Jeffrey Yoo Warren: Seeing Lost Enclaves

Posted by: Neely Tucker

Full length color photo shows Midair, a woman with pulled-back black hair in an ankle-length yellow dress. She is holding a violin. standing between a white couch at left and gazing out a window to the right.

Midori: Music and the Instrument That Makes It

Posted by: Neely Tucker

Color photograph of a young Wynton Marsalis in suit and ite, holding a trumpet

Wynton Marsalis, “Black Codes” and Thoughts on the Highway

Posted by: Neely Tucker

A young woman with close-cropped orange hair and bright red lipstick sings directly into the camera

The 2023 National Recording Registry – Mariah Carey, Eurythmics, Jimmy Buffett, Wynton Marsalis, John Lennon (And Lots More)

Posted by: Neely Tucker

Vertical half-portrait of Michael Stratmoen. He is wearing a blue/black checked shirt, glasses and has short black hair. He is standing in one of the ornate halls of the Library.

Q & A: Michael Stratmoen

Posted by: Wendi Maloney