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Timeless Homepage

Handwritten title page of an essay written on lined notebook paper.

Treasures Gallery: Surviving Hiroshima

A colorful section of the AIDS quilt, featuring names of the deceased

Treasures Gallery: The AIDS Quilt

Comic book cover, showing Spider-Man swinging through the air, holding a criminal by the collar

Treasures Gallery: Spider-Man’s Origin Story

Walt Whitman, seated in a rocking chair, poses for a photograph. There is a table with bottles and flowers on the windowsill. Whitman has a long white beard.

Pride Month: Transcribe Walt Whitman?

It’s a Small(er) World Without the Sherman Brothers

Several small items arrayed on a gray desk, including a wallet and two pair of glasses.

Treasures Gallery: What Did Lincoln Have in His Pockets the Night of His Assassination?

Painted illustration depicts the emperor, his crown prince and the royal family celebrating a joyous, nighttime Indian festival on the banks of a river with fireworks, music and feasting.

Library Treasures: New Gallery Shows Off Premier Holdings

A colorful mural of Los Angeles history, with the face of a brown-skinned woman at left and pictures from various time periods portrayed in her flowing tresses.

L.A. As You’ve (Probably) Never Seen It

A man in a cap and glasses stands behind of a large desk with several items set in front of him.

Alan Haley, Preservation Specialist