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A pen sketch of a bizarre political district, shaped like a huge salamander (or dragon), with wings, teeth and clawed feet added on.

Gerrymandering: The Origin Story

A smiling young woman stands next to colorful family tree painted on a canvas that is nine feet tall

The Blackwell Family Tree Is … My Family Tree

James McBride poses with chin in hand. He's wearing a blue beret, blue turtleneck and gray sweater with a hoop earring in his left ear.

James McBride Awarded the 2024 Prize for American Fiction

Folklorist Sidney Robertson and Her “California Gold”

Half portrait of a young woman wearing a black suit. She has her arms folded across her chest, long black hair parted on the side and is smiling.

My Job: Mineeya Miles

A woman with sterile rubber gloves leans over a turntable to place a needle on a record.

Saving the Sounds of History

Close-up photo of a colorful pocket-sized leather notebook with a small pen held by a loop.

Freud’s Notebook: “To Remember is to Relive”

Close up photo of book open to two pages, with dense Italian writing

Treasures Gallery: The First Italian Cookbook

Bright rows of punctuation marks in red, pink, orange and yellow decorates this year's NBF poster.

2024 National Book Festival Lineup