Gateway to Knowledge Guest Post #5.1

This is one of a series of guest posts by Abigail Van Gelder, who with her husband, Josh, is journeying across the country on the Library’s “Gateway to Knowledge” traveling exhibition: Congressman Charlie Wilson from Ohio stopped by to welcome guests to the Gateway To Knowledge exhibit on its first day in Marietta; he was joined […]

Whodunit? … and Whydtheywriteit?

Mark your calendars … then dust them for fingerprints.  Blockbuster mystery authors David Baldacci, Sandra Brown and Kathy Reichs are coming to the Library of Congress next week, and you can meet them. It’s a Monday preview to the National Book Festival (to be held on the National Mall Saturday, Sept. 25 from 10 a.m. – […]

Roll Over, Beethoven!

There’s something very satisfying in music about the number three: three notes in a basic chord, a romantic waltz in 3/4 time, the three-movement form of early symphonies. So it’s appropriate that the Library’s third blog (behind this one and “Inside Adams” from the Science, Technology and Business Division) would come from the Music Division. […]

‘Inside Adams’ Brought Inside the Blog Fold

This feels a little like a birth announcement: The Library of Congress has launched its second official blog since the one you’re now reading took the blogosphere by storm in April 2007.  (Hyperbole much?) The Library’s Science, Technology and Business Division is an excellent addition to our growing social-media family.  The very name of the […]

By the Time We Got to Bookstock …

Right now, here and there all over the world, people are sitting down with a good book and enjoying a good read. Sprawled on the lawn, curled up on the sofa, sitting on the steps in the piazza — they’re communing with a great author, or a funny author, or an author who’s telling them […]

Souped-Up Chassis, More Horsepower

If you’ve visited this blog before, you might be doing a double-take. The Web Services team here at the Library (who are doing some simply amazing things) has given the blog a fresher look and new functionality. First, there’s a cleaner, more aesthetic look to it, and I like how the collections are now highlighted […]

Joining the Fray

For more than two years now, I’ve been the lone blogger on  As most bloggers know, the key to nurturing a growing group of engaged readers is mainly a function of volume: lots of compelling posts, posted with regularity. Unfortunately for the blog, I wear many hats in my current position, which far too […]

We Tweet, Therefore We Are

Howdy, folks! (Sorry, my Wyoming roots are showing.)  The Library of Congress finally has its own official Twitter feed.  You can follow us here: “Library of Congress” was too long as a user name, so in the spirit of Twitter itself, we’ve been truncated. As I’ve been alluding for some time, we are on […]