We've Been Scobleized!

I stopped by our Prints and Photographs Division this afternoon to meet blogging legend Robert Scoble, partly because he was interviewing Helena Zinkham, the acting chief of P&P, about our Flickr project, but also to tell him how his book “Naked Conversations” has had an important impact on impelling the Library’s blog forward.  Before I […]

Talking With 'Bluestalking Reader'

I recently did an interview with Lisa Guidarini of the blog ?Bluestalking Reader.? (It occurs that I never asked about the name of her blog: Is it ?blue stalking,? or ?blues talking??) An excerpt: LG: What?s been the most memorable part of your job, since becoming Director of Communications? MR: Wow, where to start? Every […]

Dino Might!

James Gurney, creator of the popular ?Dinotopia? series of books, is blogging about what it is like to give an author talk at the Library of Congress: When you give a talk at the Library of Congress, they don?t pay you with money. They reward you something far more valuable. Your compensation is to have […]

My Blog-Editing Philosophy

It has been suggested that I should consider altering the opening line from my recent post about a poetry reading I attended: ?Attending poetry readings seems like one of the great fringe benefits of my job, except that occasions such as last evening?s are free and open to the public at large.? The implication was […]

A Note to Commenters

Several commenters in recent days have been attempting to post off-topic comments in the form of a hack that is designed to circumvent certain copyright protections. These comments will not be approved, and any commenters who persist in this manner are subject to being banned from commenting. (See the disclaimer found above the comments box.) […]

Is Blogging Serializing?

I got an email this morning from a colleague in the Office of Communications, who said that she was speaking to our ???guru of ISSN numbers.??? Here is the upshot: Today she told me that after much debate, catalogers had decided that corporate blogs published regularly are in fact serial publications and therefore should have […]