‘Gateway to Knowledge’ Now Rolling Toward D.C.

After a very long time in the planning stages, our “Gateway to Knowledge” traveling exhibition is finally becoming a reality. We were emailed a photo today (shown at right) that got everyone buzzing.  It’s the first picture I have seen of the actual truck, rather than a rendering.  (Don’t worry; I don’t think it was […]

Let’s Get This Show on the Road

One of the things I love about working here is the reaction people often have to the collections: the broad smiles, the dropped jaws, the “I-can’t-believe-you-have-thats.”  It’s times like those when I wish more Americans could have those same magical moments. Abby and Emily Rapoport apparently thought the same thing.  The two approached the Library […]

… and Wonderful Wordsmiths!

Saturday, Sept. 25 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Library of Congress National Book Festival – “A Decade of Words and Wonder.” If you’re among the hundreds of thousands of people who have attended the event in its first nine glorious years, or just want to know more about this celebration of books, the […]

Businessman, Philanthropist, Reader

Thursday, Librarian of Congress James H. Billington had an announcement sure to thrill hundreds of thousands of people who’ve loved the National Book Festival during its storied run, “a decade of words and wonder.” He announced that David M. Rubenstein, co-founder and managing director of the private equity firm The Carlyle Group, is donating $5 million […]

But You Don’t Look a Day Over 209 …

Audrey Fischer of the Library’s Public Affairs Office offers this guest blog item for Saturday: April 24 marks the Library’s 210th anniversary. Let it be said that the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution keeps getting better with age. In 2000, the Library of Congress celebrated its bicentennial. That same year it embarked on a mission […]

Iamb What I Am

On Tuesday, April 20 at noon, 16 actors will appear at the Library of Congress’ Whittall Pavilion to deliver more world-famous iambic pentameter than you can shake a spear at. It’s the annual Shakespeare’s Birthday reading, a chapter in the “Poetry at Noon” series presented by the Library’s Poetry and Literature Center.  (It’s Shakespeare’s 446th.) […]

Burning Bright

Art and science, and sometimes art and politics, mirror each other in times of rapid change. Robert Hughes made that case in his history of modern art – noting it moved from straight representation to pointillism, cubism, and abstraction as science checked off its discoveries of the 20th Century, such as X-rays and the structure […]

NAACP Online Exhibition, Symposium Coming

As America prepares to celebrate the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday later this month, the Library of Congress also will have two offerings in February in commemoration of African American History Month.  On Feb. 3, the Library will launch a new online exhibition about the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), an […]

“Read For Your Life!”

Today Katherine Paterson, the author of “Bridge to Terabithia,” “Jacob Have I Loved,” “The Day of the Pelican” and more than 30 other children’s books, was named National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature by Librarian of Congress James H. Billington. She summarized her platform for the reading-promotion post in four words: “Read for your life.” […]