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Category: Lavine/Ken Burns Prize for Film

Image of an ornate clock showing 2:05 with sculpted male figures sitting on each side of the clock face

Historical Documentaries are the Key to Understanding Our Common History as Americans

Posted by: Neely Tucker

The Better Angels Society, the Library of Congress and the Crimson Lion/Lavine Family Foundation established the Library of Congress Lavine/Ken Burns Prize for Film in 2019 in order to help promote historical documentaries that might not otherwise have a path to sharing their work more widely. The winner receives a $200,000 finishing grant to help with the final production and distribution of the film. In addition, one runner-up receives a grant of $50,000 and three to four finalists each receive $25,000. These funds are used for finishing, marketing, distribution and outreach. Submissions for this year's prize are now open.