Maya Blue and the Vessels of the Diving Gods

The ceramics created by ancient Maya potters make for some of the most vibrantly colored objects that survive in the archaeological record of the Americas. John Hessler, curator of the Library’s Kislak collection, explains how their distinctive blue color has survived for centuries.

Library’s Junior Fellows: Online Interns Get the Job Done

For 30 years now, the Library’s Junior Fellows program has provided undergraduate and graduate students with experiences in everything the world’s largest library has to offer. This year’s class of 42 interns shows off their research projects.

Japan in U.S. Children’s Books: “A New World”

Sybille Jagusch, chief of the Library’s Literature Center, has just published “Japan and American Children’s Books,” a gorgeously illustrated volume that details how Japan and Japanese culture has been portrayed in American children’s books over the past two centuries.