Inauguration Stories: Lincoln’s 1865 “With Malice Toward None” Speech

Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address, delivered as the Civil War was in its final weeks, was one of most important in American history, featuring the immortal line, “With malice toward none, with charity for all.” Michelle Krowl, the Library’s Civil War and Reconstruction historian, explains how the day unfolded in this short video.

Inauguration Day: George Washington’s 1789 Oath of Office

Carla Hayden, the Librarian of Congress, uses George Washington’s 1789 copy of “Acts Passed at the First Congress of the United States of America,” which includes the U.S. Constitution, to tell a short story on how the presidential oath of office has been unchanged since the founding of the nation. It’s the same oath that […]

A President and a King, George Washington and King George III, in a Dangerous Year

This is a guest post by Julie Miller, a historian in the Library’s Manuscript Division. For both George Washington and King George III of England, the summer of 1788 began a year shaped by illness and worry. Even though the sources of their troubles differed, each George had reason to look anxiously across the Atlantic. […]