Good Night, IRENE: Technology of Dreams

IRENE does ?her? thing Everyone knows that ?a picture is worth a thousand words.? But did you know that it can also yield, oh, at least an hour or so of pleasant music? The Library of Congress?s Preservation Directorate and a number of partners are essentially ?inventing? a new preservation technology that could revolutionize efforts […]

A Grand Old Flag

Among the family of patriotic holidays, Independence Day’s “younger sibling”—Flag Day—arrives on the calendar roughly three weeks before we celebrate our nation’s birth. The June edition of the Library of Congress’s “Wise Guide” launched today, just in time to salute the Stars and Stripes—figuratively, if not literally. From the text: Did you know that the […]

Rep. Roskam Has Our Number

The “Swamp” blog of the Chicago Tribune’s Washington, D.C., bureau reports on the favored tourist destinations of Rep. Peter Roskam: In keeping with Roskam’s fiscally conservative credentials (and, to be fair, the general spirit of tourist attractions in Washington), everything on the list is free to enter. Among the highlights, with Roskam’s commentary: No. 3, […]

'Democracy' Comes to the Library

John Haynes of the Library of Congress?s Manuscript Division addresses guests in the Library?s Madison Hall as NED President Carl Gershman, right, listens. The blonde woman in the audience with her back to the camera is actress/activist Mia Farrow. (Photo by me.) Even in the midst of partisan squabbling for which Washington, D.C., has always […]

June Is Bustin' Out All Over!

I’ve mentioned my penchant for playing an internal soundtrack based on whatever is going on around me. Just like clockwork ? or calendar-work ? June 1 of each year brings a rock-solid guarantee that the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic “June Is Bustin” Out All Over,? a raucous celebration of the turning of the seasons, will […]

Memorial Day and Our Oldest Vets

Sorry about the ?radio silence? for much of the past few days ? it’s a function of the slam-bang schedule we?ve been having. I simply could not, however, merely drift into Memorial Day without writing this post. I’m as excited as anyone that this weekend marks the unofficial start of summer in the United States. […]