More Photos in Flickr

Our friend and former colleague, Justin Thorp, scooped us a bit on the fact that we have added some additional photos to our Flickr account. (See our previous posts here and here.) Which suits me just fine; we love all Library fans! It is true, under cover of night (OK, maybe not night, exactly), we […]

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

There is a big sign in an office on the sixth floor of the Madison Building that has been counting down the weeks until we open our new, interactive Library of Congress Experience. (We used to call it the New Visitors Experience, but it’s better to leverage the name people know, right?) Until recently it […]

Still Time To Become a Treasure-Hunter!

The deadline to apply to become a Junior Fellow this summer at the Library is fast approaching (March 31, 2008).  So there’s still time to get your application in! This program, supported by the Library’s James Madison Council,  is among my most favorite about which to talk with the media and the public.  Every summer […]

More Facts Behind the NT2 Fiction

By now, millions have seen the Library’s Thomas Jefferson Building on-screen in “National Treasure: Book of Secrets.” But most of them probably don’t know that the Library was represented in the movie in some even more subtle but no less important ways. For instance, when the filmmakers sought to portray the forensic techniques behind the […]

Talking Blogging

I kind of despise self-promotion (you wouldn’t know it though, right?), but I’m always happy to talk with folks when they ask about the blog—why we do it, what we’re learning, etc. Such as this recent interview with Municipalist. And I’m sure the Boss will love the plug for his book!

An Honor Just To Be Nominated

We learned late on Friday that this blog has been nominated as a finalist for the “SXSW Web Awards” (in the “blog” category). The category recognizes blogs created in 2007 that “revolutionize the power of publishing by providing regularly updated content of a personal or professional nature.” Wow. “Revolutionize” sounds so, I don’t know, high-pressure. […]

The New Deal, 75 Years Later

Some of the most stirring and enduring words ever spoken by an American president were uttered by Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” and “a date which will live in infamy,” among them. But few of his words more dramatically reshaped the country than when, in 1932, Roosevelt […]

Behold, the Parking Garage

It’s sometimes hard to know ahead of time what is going to catch someone’s fancy. Take parking garages (please!). In December we announced a lecture to be held Jan. 15 by architect Shannon Sanders McDonald about parking garages and their effects on urban planning, sponsored by the Library’s Science, Technology and Business Division. The topic […]