The Artistry of Learning Math: The Ellerton-Clements Cyphering Book Collection

Before the modern textbook, Western school-age children learned mathematical concepts through what was called the “cyphering tradition” and created textbooks of their very own. The volumes in the recently processed Ellerton-Clements Cyphering Book Collection will certainly be of interest to those who study math and early modern education, but many also possess a unique kind of artistry.

An Irishman, a U.S. President, and the First Hanging in the District of Columbia

The first man hanged in Washington, D.C., was an Irishman. His trial provides a unique lens on the early republic and its nascent national capital. The case drew national attention, particularly among Federalist newspaper editors, who used it to expose the threat of Irish immigrants and their hold over the sitting U.S. president, Thomas Jefferson.