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Monochrome profile portrait of elderly Whitman seated

New Crowdsourcing Transcription Project in the By the People Walt Whitman Campaign: The Thomas Biggs Harned Collection of Walt Whitman Papers

Posted by: Josh Levy

Monochrome head and shoulders portrait of Philip Schuyler in mlitary uniform.

The Manuscript Division Transcribes Fifty-Six Letters from Philip Schuyler to Alexander and Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

Posted by: Elizabeth Novara

Group of women wearing hats and coats standing outside of the White House.

New American Federation of Labor By the People Crowdsourced Transcription Campaign Launched

Posted by: Ryan Reft

Cover of Saving Freud, showing monochrome headshot of elderly Freud with Nazi-occupied Vienna in background

Made at the Library: Saving Freud with Andrew Nagorski

Posted by: Josh Levy

Close-up of a typed document with a few handwritten notations.

Uncovering African American Experiences in the Theodore Roosevelt Papers at the Library of Congress

Posted by: Elizabeth Novara

Photograph of Sam Ponczak smiling head and shoulders

“Lest You Forget”: Samuel Ponczak (1937-2022)

Posted by: Laura Kells

Photo of O'Keeffe House at dusk, adobe home with grass in foreground and hills in background

Celebrating Georgia O’Keeffe’s Birthday with New Discoverability in the O’Keeffe-Stieglitz Digitized Papers at the Library of Congress

Posted by: Josh Levy

Handwritten copy (with deletions crossed out and additions added) of the first few sentence of Jefferson

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…: James and Lucretia Garfield on Abraham and Mary Lincoln

Posted by: Michelle Krowl

Screenshot of a data visualization with a swirling "pinwheel" graphic. Blue lines on a black computer screen.

Accessing Our Digital Past in the Manuscript Division Reading Room

Posted by: Josh Levy