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Photograph of Virginia Matthews in black and white, at a podium with a white screen behind her. Virginia Mathews speaking during the 1978 White House Pre-conference on Indian Library and Information Services on or near Reservations. Box 83, Virginia H. Mathews Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress

Intern Spotlight: Libraries, Self-Determination, and Collaboration: Virginia Mathews and the 1978 White House Preconference on Indian Library & Information Services

Posted by: Ryan Reft

In 1978, Native American library professionals from across the country gathered for the first time to hash out their visions for tribal libraries. The papers of Osage literacy advocate Virginia H. Mathews document the significance of that meeting in the history of Native librarianship.

Handwritten copy (with deletions crossed out and additions added) of the first few sentence of Jefferson

Intern Spotlight: “Send us back home”: Early Black Nationalism in a Letter to President Woodrow Wilson

Posted by: Ryan Reft

“Something must be done. We are producing educated and refined representatives, what for? They are denied their ambitions simply because of color. So I say let us gracefully go home where we can sit in any room we choose," Elizabeth Sykes wrote to Woodrow Wilson in 1913. Her letter discussed by 2021 Archives History and Heritage Advanced Internship (AHHA) intern, Sarah Shepherd offers a window into Black Nationalism of the early-20th century and an example of the kind of issues and themes explored by participants of the Library of Congress AHHA program.