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Black and white panoramic photo of Tenn. Coal Iron & R.R. Co.'s furnaces at Ensley, Birmingham, Ala.

Tracing the Alabama Coal Fields

A detail of the planet Venus from an 18th century map.

From Cassini to Magellan: Unveiling the Topography of Venus

Image of 1531 Oronce Fine map of two hearts

With Love from our Cosmographic Heart

Map of the world in two hemispheres

Virtual Orientation to the Geography and Map Division: Tuesday 2/13

Shows a farmer operating a Marquis and Emmerson Mole Plow with two oxen

Draining America

From the Mountains to the Mekong

Propaganimals: Using the Lion to Politicize Geography

Close in view of illustrated buildings, trees, fences, and orchards in pictorial scene of Alfred, Maine.

The Cartography of the Shakers

A Year in Review: Newly Scanned Maps of 2023