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Philip Lee Phillips Society Meets Peter Parley, a Geographer for Children

Posted by: Carissa Pastuch

Black and white photographic portrait of Samuel Houston in formal dress.

Man and Metropolis: The Story of Houston

Posted by: Sonia Kahn

Colorful map showing the Battle of Fredericksburg in great detail, including information on troop positions

Mapping the Battle of Fredericksburg

Posted by: Meagan Snow

Pictorial map of entertainment, restaurant, and speakeasy facilities in the Harlem district, Manhattan, New York City during the Harlem Renaissance..

Mapping “Points of Interest underneath the Harlem Moon”

Posted by: Carissa Pastuch

The cover page of the World's Greatest War.

A Rare Atlas of the First World War

Posted by: Cynthia Smith

Map of the foreign born population in the United Staes, 1880

Gannett and Hewes’ Visualizations of the 1880 Census

Posted by: Meagan Snow

Screenshot of View from Above web map with clusters of maps shown on basemap of US.

New Interactive Map Showcases the Panoramic Maps Collection

Posted by: Tim St. Onge

Map of mainland Southeast Asia

Little Atlas, Big World

Posted by: Amelia Raines

A map showing the nations of Indians to the Northwest of South Carolina, drawn in red with circles around each territory.

Native American Spaces: Cartographic Resources at the Library of Congress

Posted by: Julie Stoner