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map of Turkey in Ottoman Turkish

Atlas of the Ottoman New Order

GIS day promotional graphic with pictorial illustration of climatic zones by altitude.

GIS Day 2023: Climate Cartographies

A portrait of Sir Francis Drake

Mapping the Voyages of Sir Francis Drake

Map of Lynn, Massachusetts. The city stretches out beneath a tall hill, on which sits two large buildings.

Jesse Hutchinson’s View From High Rock

Transporting Literacy, Prosperity, and the American Dream: The Seaboard Air Line Railway at the Turn of the 20th Century

Dozens of men working on building railroad with forest in background.

Following the Cape to Cairo Railway

Political map of Africa with countries colored and shaded by political status as of February 1960. Cameroon is now independent; the Federation of Mali and the Malagasy Republic are shown as "independence under negotiation" and Somalia, Belgian Congo, and Nigeria are shown as "projected independence - 1960"

Mapping the Year of Africa

tereograph shows General William T. Sherman on horseback on the Union line near Atlanta in 1864

Tracing General Sherman’s “March to the Sea”

Detail of manuscript map of part of Henrico and Chesterfield Counties showing topography and some landowners' names.

More Places in Civil War History