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Black and white image of an old car on a street in front of a building.

Paving the Way: Traffic Flow Maps From the 1920s

How to Feel Comfortable in Someone Else’s Skin

Detailed building level map showing the block with the Library of Congress. Buildings colored according to building material.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps – An Orientation and New GIS Tools

Mapping the Gangs of Chicago

Map of Krakatau and surrounding islands

The Unmaking of an Island

Image 2 of from the map of the road to Kyoto.

The Road to Kyoto

The earliest extant plan of Washington DC, known as "The L'Enfant Plan" with annotations of editorial changes by Thomas Jefferson.

Francophone Folly in the Capital City

Detail of printed map of Florida. The Everglades bear the label "Extensive inundated region covered with pine and hummock islands, of all sizes, and generally called The Ever Glades."

Swampland in Florida

Colored map of the world in two hemispheres with engraved figures around edges.

Virtual Orientation to the Geography and Map Division