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“Loudly applauded”: Composer Louise Angélique Bertin

Posted by: Melissa Wertheimer

January 15, 2021 is the 216th birthday of Louise Angélique Bertin. She was a French composer, poet, librettist, and painter. She was the only composer to work directly with Victor Hugo, the first French composer to set Goethe’s Faust as an opera, and the first woman of the 19th century to have an opera performed at the Opéra de Paris. The Music Division has wonderful resources about Louise Angélique Bertin.

Woman with dark hair, fancy dress and pearls with eyes closed and mouth slightly open, singing

In Memoriam: Dr. Cyrilla Barr

Posted by: Cait Miller

This In Memoriam blog post remembers Dr. Cyrilla Barr (1929-2021), musicologist and Professor Emerita at The Catholic University of America, who researched music patron Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge in the Music Division's collections and published Coolidge's biography.