Sheet Music of the Week: Now I Lay Me Down to Funk Edition

The children’s prayer that begins,  “Now I lay me down to sleep”  dates back to an 18th century New England primer, but its musical life has followed a surprising path over the more than two centuries since.  From heavy metal (Metallica)  to hip-hop (The Notorious B.I.G.) to indie rock (Liz Phair), the iconic words have […]

Sheet Music of the Week: Girl Scout Edition

The following is a guest post by Judy Graves, Digital Project Coordinator, Digital Reference Section and life-long Girl Scout. On Saturday, June 9th, the Girl Scouts of the Nation’s Capitol will host a song fest on the National Mall.  With 200,000 girls and adults expected, this will not be an ordinary songfest by any stretch […]

Sheet music of the week: It’s STILL Cherry Blossom Time Edition

The following is a guest post by Sharon McKinley, Senior Music Cataloger. The blossoms themselves have been gone for weeks already; it was one of the earliest seasons ever. But the Centennial of the National Cherry Blossom Festival is still going strong, all the way through April 27, and we thought we’d help keep the […]

Sheet Music of the Week: Great Mustaches of the Old Country Edition

In the Muse presumes that the stereotyped Germans pictured in this illustration to Paul Rubens’ composition, “The German cake walk”  are simply performing the titular dance. But the action in this scene is potentially ambiguous. Is the mustachioed man running away from an amorous Fraulein, or simply leading her in an impromptu march? Why does […]

Sheet Music of the Week: Long Distance Spooning Edition

In the days before Skype and IMs, human communication over great distances was transmitted in a charmingly antiquated manner.  In this week’s featured Sheet Music, the singer reassures his far away beloved that “I think I’ve found a way/We can spoon each day.” “Shut your eyes and make believe” was transmitted from the pens of […]

Sheet Music of the Week: Bicycle Bloomers Edition

In Washington, meteorological spring came in like a lamb. In the Muse would like to take this fair-weather opportunity to revisit last week’s bicycle theme with M. Florence’s “Bloomer March,” which if the illustration is to be believed,   conveys the fin de siècle pleasures of riding a bicycle while dressed in bloomers.  Florence dedicates the […]