How Do You Hurry? Silent Film Music at the Library of Congress

Over the past several months, I’ve been sifting through the thousands of pieces that are part of the silent film music accompaniment anthologies in the Music Division’s collection. These volumes, with titles such as the Capitol Photoplay Series, The Synchronizer Suite, or Sam Fox Photoplay Edition: A Looseleaf Collection of High Class Dramatic and Descriptive […]

Protest Songs Roundtable: Civil Rights, Unions, Immigrants and Stonewall

This Thursday the Music Division is pleased to present an engaging roundtable discussion that will examine the role of protest songs from the 1960s in shaping contemporary American culture. This program is part of a series of events at the Library of Congress that commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, which took […]

Party Like It’s 1587 for Mrs. Coolidge

Every year at Concerts from the Library of Congress we pay homage to our founding patron, Mrs. Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge. A mover and shaker, Mrs. Coolidge convinced Congress in 1925 to allow her to build a concert hall (the Coolidge Auditorium) within the Library of Congress.  She also established the Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation, administered […]

Biber Fever: Baroque Remix

Approximately 350 years before young pop artist Justin Bieber joined planet earth, the original Biber (pronounced Beeber, as “Bieber”) was born in Wartenberg, Bohemia. Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber (baptized August 12, 1644, died May 3, 1704) was the rage in Austria and Central Europe for much of the seventeenth century (top that Justin!). His […]

A MirĂ³ On Which To Dwell

Perhaps the greatest problem with musical warhorses is that in winning the battle for performance time they have triumphed over other works that could have been heard “in-steed.” There are certain works, however, that I do not begrudge their trot to the top; among these is Schubert’s String Quartet in G major, D. 887, the […]

Reflections on the Jonathan Larson Collection

The following is a guest post from Mark Eden Horowitz, Senior Music Specialist, and curator for the Larson Collection. On Monday, May 9th at noon in the Whittall Pavilion, I will be discussing the Larson Collection and showing some of the rare and surprising treasures it holds. The special collections of the Music Division of […]

Distinctly America! George Crumb at the Library of Congress

The following is a guest post from Senior Producer in the Concert Office Anne McLean. A new music mini-series, Distinctly America!, brings a fascinating sampling of American composers–established and emerging–to the Library’s Coolidge Auditorium this spring (for a complete lineup of events, visit the Concerts from the Library of Congress website).  George Crumb, Sebastian Currier […]