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National Book Festival Poster Gallery

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Big news — tomorrow we’ll be introducing the poster for the 2019 Library of Congress National Book Festival! But while you wait for the big announcement, take a walk down memory lane and check out the posters from our past National Book Festivals, beginning in 2001. (You can download high-resolution versions at the link on each.)

And check back tomorrow for the 2019 poster!

Artist: Gaby D’Alessandro
Download 2018 poster (PDF)
Artist: Roz Chast
Download 2017 poster (PDF)
Artist: Yuko Shimizu
Download 2016 poster (PDF)
Artist: Peter de Sève
Download 2015 poster (PDF)
Artist: Bob Staake
Download 2014 poster (PDF)
Artist: Suzy Lee
Download 2013 poster (PDF)
Artist: Rafael López
Download 2012 poster (PDF)
Artist: John J Muth
Download 2011 poster (PDF)
Artist: Peter Ferguson
Download 2010 poster (PDF)
Artist: Charles Santore
Download 2009 poster (PDF)
Artist: Jan Brett
Download 2008 poster (PDF)
Artist: Mercer Mayer
Download 2007 poster (PDF)
Artist: Gennady Spirin
Download 2006 poster (PDF)
Artist: Jerry Pinkney
Download 2005 poster (PDF)
Artist: Floyd Cooper
Download 2004 poster (PDF)
Artist: Joey Manlapaz
Download 2003 poster (PDF)
Artist: Carol Dyer
Download 2002 poster (PDF)
Artist: Lu Ann Barrow
Download 2001 poster (PDF)

Comments (11)

  1. Can one buy a copy of one or more of these posters? How does one proceed? Thanks!

    Fran Bairley

    • Fran – We don’t have the posters available for sale. They can be downloaded from this blog post. Thanks for asking!

  2. These posters are all so fabulous. We love to frame for children’s rooms. Thank you Laura Bush.

  3. Are the download images low-resolution so that people can’t print posters themselves? I have loved so many of these over the years.

    • Ellen – The downloads are high-res so you can print them. We’re glad you have enjoyed the posters!

  4. Where can I buy National Book Festival posters, past and present?

  5. Some of the poster files above are not high res enough to print (e.g. 2003). how can I get high res files for a couple of these awesome posters!?

    • Hello David, thanks for your note. We are working on an updated version of our National Book Festival website that will include high-res versions of all of the past festival posters. Look for it later this fall!

  6. I attended the 2008 and 2009 book fairs and bought posters, but they did not survive my last move. I want to hang them in my library. Where can we get high resolution files to have poster size prints made?

  7. Is there an update on the 2019 comment regarding updating poster file sizes to be printable? I love the 2004 poster, but the file size is much smaller than the more recent ones and is not able to be printed into a poster.

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