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Best of the National Book Festival: Condoleezza Rice, 2017

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Welcome to our ongoing celebration of the Library of Congress National Book Festival. Each weekday, we will feature a video presentation from among the thousands of authors who have appeared at the National Book Festival and as part of our new year-long series, National Book Festival Presents. Mondays will feature topical nonfiction; Tuesday: poetry or literary fiction; Wednesday: history, biography, memoir; Thursday: popular fiction; and Friday: authors who write for children and teens. Please enjoy, and make sure to explore our full National Book Festival video collection!

Condoleezza Rice was the first African American woman to serve as U. S. secretary of state (2005-09), and the first woman to serve as national security adviser (2001-05).

In today’s video, Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden introduces Rice, who is interviewed by David Rubenstein, National Book Festival co-chair, on the Main Stage of the 2017 festival. The former secretary of state, who is currently the Denning Professor of Global Business and the Economy at Stanford University, begins (at 1:13) by telling Rubenstein that she started as an assistant professor at Stanford in 1981, when she was 25, and that since leaving government, she has “been spending a lot more time practicing the piano.” She once said that her favorite band is Led Zeppelin. Rice came to the festival to discuss her book “Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom.”

The 2020 Library of Congress National Book Festival will celebrate its 20th birthday this year. You can get up-to-the-minute news, schedule updates and other important festival information by subscribing to this blog. The festival is made possible by the generosity of sponsors. You too can support the festival by making a gift now.


  1. I have seen the endeavor of Condoleezza Rice and read several books she wrote after and before the US government foreign secretary and security advisor. She is very important in the political understanding or current political old political during the cold war. Something draw my tension was democracy the book she write. This Book presents political changes and drivers of the political. She also presented the failed of the US in the development spread of the democracy and she have taken good example some of soviet satellite, Iraq and Afghanistan she concluded the spread of democracy should be based the establishment empowering of institutions working development of political and social changes. Comparing to other books I have seen different this book have deep inept about political and the democracy

    I will remember the legacy of Condoleezza and would like to meet at least time while I am on earth in the future because she is the most important role modal for Afro-American.

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